Dr. Ahmose Sipair Pinhasy

Archaeologist and Expert in the Occult


Pinhasy is dark-skinned like the bedouin ancestors of his mother’s side of the family, but has the strong jaw and aquiline nose of his English father along with his blue eyes. Tall, broad shouldered and stoic until humored enough to crack a smile, he dresses in English suits accented with a silk ascot and traditional Egyptian fez.


Dr. Pinhasy is a member of the Supreme Council of Antiquities at the Egyptian Antiquities Museum in Cairo, and has been on the staff since it was founded.

He is considered the foremost authority on ancient Egyptian and African history, as well as being a student of the occult. He has letters from Oxford where he received his first of three doctorates. He is also an expert researcher into the Mythos, and has archived numerous Mythos artifacts.

Dr. Ahmose Sipair Pinhasy

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