Maggots And Their Abilities : A Field Guide

Burrowed in your brain is a maggot, perfectly still till the right stimuli wakes it.

All Maggots have 1 charge and regain that charge at dawn,

Pink – On use your senses are heightened by stimulation.You have Advantage to perception checks for 1 hour. During that hour you are vulnerable to thunder damage and you have disadvantage on concentration checks.

Green – On use your eyes dilate and give you the vision of a beast at night. You have dark-vision for 1 hour. You have sunlight sensitivity for this hour.

Blue – On use you expel poison from your body. You vomit fr 1d4 damage, and you are stunned for one round. Remove any poisoned effect, no matter how serious.

White – On use the maggot chews on your adrenaline glands as you start to fade. You are stabilized with one hit point, however, you are confused for one minute.

Yellow – On use you gain tunnel vision on any task you attempt. You have advantage on investigation checks for one hour. During that hour, you are so focused that you have disadvantage on all saves.

Red – On use the maggot chews and burrows further into your adrenaline glands. You enter a barbarian Frenzy Rage as it says in the PHB for the barbarian berzerker for 3 minutes. After which you cain 2 levels of hard exhaustion.

Slimy – On use the maggot excretes a mucus most foul. Mucus expels from your nose, ears, eyes and mouth, covering yourself in a thick slime giving you advantage on escaping any grapple check. You in turn are deafened for one minute.

Orange – On release the maggot releases a nerve toxin. You are cured of any petrified and or stunned effect, but you will have disadvantage to strength checks and saves for the next 3 hours.

Maggots And Their Abilities : A Field Guide

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