The Box from the Unknown Sender

A series of letters arrived while you were away. A box filled with items from no known sender. Upon opening the lid, a letter sealed and pressed with mud and a symbol unknown sits upon the top.

Farewell and Hello.

I have known you for quite sometime. I hated all of you for quite sometime. I had no idea that it was not your fault. But that does not matter now. Not yet. I can’t even find that I hate you anymore. It is all gone. Have you thought about it? The shores dark. they call you in. And when you enter you feel no water, only the icy cold from the stars that surround you. I visited some of the others. The others like you, those that despise me for they made me who I am. I found some of their thoughts, letters, journals…. they did not know, and shall never be able to be given the chance to keep it that way. I don’t need them anymore.

I Dreamt of a Starry Sea

Momma said I should ignore it, but it was so beautiful. The shore was white as snow, and the foam on the shore was crystals. I could not even see the bottom as I swam out, deeper and deeper. Only the beautiful sea… I am very afraid.


I saw the beginning. I know the end. Oh my sweet children, I have seen your death countless times. I no longer know if you are real or hallucinations I created from seeing your fate long ago. When you find this I will have met my demise, from vile dogs, vile things that found their way in my room. I want you to not look for me, to not follow the sounds you hear into my bedroom, to run… But I know you won’t. You will be pulled apart here, just like me, as I have seen it countless times.

June 15, 1743

Dearest Michael,

I miss you. I wish you would come home, no matter how much I know you are not. You smiled, gave me a kiss, then waved goodbye. All before walking right off the cliff into the darkness below. I did not even hear you hit the bottom. I will be joining you today my love. I know now. For I saw it sitting at the end of my bed last night. And it spoke.

Yours forever,

I keep . I . I will not be afraid. I will find you in time. And when I do, I will you all.

The Box from the Unknown Sender

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