Empty sits the thrones of old at the gate of oblivion. Wandering went the pharaoh beyond time and space. And so, in turn did he find fools aplenty, to torment and toy with till they were crushed. And from his playthings he found fools so great, as to call him from his land of dreams.
Faerûn is lost. The portal is gone. And there is no where left to turn except a new world known only as Earth. A strange place of magics that erupt from metals and men wear strange leathers and clothes instead of armor.

The gods are no where to be seen. And the world seems to forsake those who can’t help themselves. Doctors with strange poultices and potions are here in place of healers. The knights are no where to be seen, and constables have taken to roaming the streets. Even the magic of light has been replaced with gas that is set aflame in glass cages. The only home we have left is now in the hands of a man named Randall Flagg, and he seems to have big plans for us.

Where will we go if things go wrong? Where will we find solace now that our families are gone? Who will we pray to for hope now that the gods have forsaken us?

Who will wake us whilst we dream in the witch house?